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Interesting Motor Scooter Fact …

First generation scooters appeared from 1915 to about 1930.  Believed to be the first motor scooter, The Motoped entered production in 1915.  The Motoped was soon followed by the Autoped, whose engine was engaged by pushing the handlebar column forward and whose brake was engaged by pulling the column back.  Autopeds were made in a factory located on Long Island, New York from 1915 to 1921, and were also made under licence by Krupp in Germany from 1919 to 1922.

The number of scooter manufacturers increased after World War I.  Scooter manufacturers included innovative features which were practical and popular.  The Kenilworth added electric lights for use at night, the Reynolds Runabout included front suspension, a two speed gearbox, leg shields and a seat with leaf springs.  The Unibus developed a two-speed gearbox and gained popularity with its bodywork, similar to that which would appear of in later year scooters.




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