Chill Shop – Classic Vespa Scooter – Last Seen in Bangkok 2003

Vespa Scooter , Bangkok

I was going through some photo cd’s of a trip to Thailand I took in 2003.  I was so surprised to find a group of photos I took on a visit to JJ Market in Bangkok (JJ Market is the farong name, english name). By habit we always cruise through the parking lot when we go to JJ to see any unique classic scooters. Well, on this day we were rewarded  and happy to see Chill Shop!  I’m guessing it is about a 1963 Vespa 150, it had new paint, was re-chromed, re-upholstered seat, it’s a sweet scooter.  In fact, it was the best scooter at JJ that fine day in 2003.  I have often wondered what happened to this scooter, on each trip to Thailand I have kept my eyes peeled for another sighting.  If any of you all out there in Internet land have a sighting be sure to let us know.




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Collection of Scooter Stickers

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New – Bulldog Riding a Classic Vespa Scooter Gifts

Bulldog riding a Classic Vespa Style Scooter - hand drawn original cartoon art.Just finished up a NEW Vespa style Scooter design.  Funny cartoon Bulldog riding a blue Scooter, hand drawn original cartoon art.  Currently available on tshirts for men, woman and children with a huge selection of t-shirt colors and shirt styles, available in ALL sizes.

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Scooter Bulldog is also available on stickers, many shapes and styles are available, you choose you favorite style.  Also you can change the background color.

More products will be available in the future with “Scooter Bulldog”,  or if you need a certain product from Zazzle with Scooter Bulldog, let me know in the comments below.


Bulldog Riding a Blue Scooter Tshirts
Bulldog Riding a Blue Scooter Tshirts by scooterbaby
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Scooter Bulldog Tshirts
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