Lowrider Vespa Scooter

Check out this customized Lowrider Vespa Scooter, video probably shot in Thailand.


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Freestyle Vespa Scooter Trick Riding Performance

Ha, Ha, funny video of freestyle scooter tricks, it’s like a Vespa Circus.  Check It Out!


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Police Chasing Scooters Video Compilation

Several scooter riders trying to evade police, some get caught and one gets away.


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Vespa Scooter Road Trip from Germany to Italy

Vespa Scooter Road Trip VideoA great video of a Vespa scooter roadtrip from Germany to the Lake Maggiore area of Italy.
Members of the trip were riding three Vespa PX200, one T5, one Sprint and one Vespa VNB. All were fitted with a Malossi 210 cylinder and the T5 with a Malossi 172.








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Scooter Fail Compilation

Scooter Fail Compilation … Warning Many Graphic Scooter Crashes!

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Vespa Scooter Pulls A Wheelie in Bangkok

While waiting for the light to change this Thai fabric delivery guy pull a wheelie with an old Vespa Scooter! heh, heh,

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Monkey, Frog and the Scooter

I really enjoyed creating Monkey and Frog riding on a Vespa Scooter with a side car, when I was finished I thought it would make a cute children’s book.  Perhaps, in the future The Adventures of Monkey and Frog will become a book project, I think it could evolve into a fun kids bedtime story.

In the meantime, it’s available on t-shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, scooter stickers, aprons, postcards, greetings cards and many more fun gift items.  Just click on the links and browse the store for all the items available, I think you’ll be surprised.


Here’s a greeting card with Monkey and Frog and their wild ride on the scooter, a great matching greeting card to go along with the t-shirt above or a gift you choose in the store.  Oh, did I ever mention, all our products are easily customized with text?  Yup, you just go to the product detail page in our store and click on the “Customize It” button to open up full feature options for personalizing your cards and gifts … it’s neat and it’s easy.

Let me know about my idea of a kid’s book about Monkey, Frog and Scooters.  I’d  like to know everyone’s ideas.

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Scooter Legend Since 1946

Scooter Legend Since 1946,  Red Stylized Vespa Scooter on Black Men’t T-shirt,  Commemorating the year Vespa style scooters were invented and first offered for sale in Italy.  No one at the time suspected this scooter design would become a fixture of pop culture since the 1960s.  This Stylized design is available in five colors including red, blue, yellow, purple and gold.
A great sticker for your scooter, helmet or even your laptop.  Scooter Legend Since 1946, a stylized red Vespa Scooter with white outline on a black background.  Scooter sticker is available in many sizes.  This Scooter Design is also available on dozens of gift items for those who love getting a classic vintage scooter gift.

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Chill Shop – Classic Vespa Scooter – Last Seen in Bangkok 2003

Vespa Scooter , Bangkok

I was going through some photo cd’s of a trip to Thailand I took in 2003.  I was so surprised to find a group of photos I took on a visit to JJ Market in Bangkok (JJ Market is the farong name, english name). By habit we always cruise through the parking lot when we go to JJ to see any unique classic scooters. Well, on this day we were rewarded  and happy to see Chill Shop!  I’m guessing it is about a 1963 Vespa 150, it had new paint, was re-chromed, re-upholstered seat, it’s a sweet scooter.  In fact, it was the best scooter at JJ that fine day in 2003.  I have often wondered what happened to this scooter, on each trip to Thailand I have kept my eyes peeled for another sighting.  If any of you all out there in Internet land have a sighting be sure to let us know.




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Vespa IS Celebrating 70th Birthday – Music Food and Scooters at Bristol Rally

Get ready to sing Happy Birthday to your Vespa Scooter and mark your calendar for July 15 to 17, it’s Vespa’s 70th birthday.  For any newbies out there in scooter land, the first Vespa was produced in 1946, shortly after the end of WWII in war torn Italy.  Well, enough for the history lesson, let get down to brass tacks and this scooter party.  The city of Bristol, England is hosting a big bash with a scooter rally, music, food and a dealers village.  So I’m sure this will be a great place to swap scootering stories and gaze at custom and classic scooters.   For more details … 



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